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Outfit Items:
If you choose to send me an item to incorporate into one of my outfit posts, and wish to ensure that it does, please email me a link with a clear picture of the item before sending it. All the components of my outfits in fashion posts are listed as c/o (care of) and linked to the source. Please note that I will only wear items that reflect my personal style and really love. Items will not be returned afterwards.

The best way to get your product seen! Giveaways on the blog normally get anywhere between 500-1500 entries, last for 7 days and generate TONS of views and traffic for you! Giveaway needs to be a minimum of $25. All giveaways are advertised heavily through all of my social media outlets. If you're interested email to talk details. Items submitted without a photo or link to a site where the product can be found will not be considered. 

I strictly blog about things I’m passionate about and stand by.  If I don’t love it, I won’t attach my name to it.  I’ll admit that one of the coolest job perks is that sometimes designers and brands send me free products and gifts. If I like it, sometimes I blog about it. Other times, people cut me a check to endorse their product. Once again, if I don’t love it, I will not endorse it. Please note that when I do choose to feature a gifted item on this blog, it will be mentioned with “c/o.” 

Honesty is key. Without that, this blog would be nothing. I am here to try out products and tell you exactly what I think, to help you make your own decisions on future purchases.
I do not accept money in exchange for positive product reviews. If a post is sponsored it will be clearly marked as so in the individual post. I won't work with sponsors that I do not love!

Links featured on this blog may be affiliated.

Product Recommendation Disclaimer:
Any recommendation of a product or ingredient on this blog is based on my own experience and research of the product. I recommend doing your own research on products as well! My reviews are here to aid you.

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