May 6, 2020

First Trimester Update

Now that we have finally announced our pregnancy and have reached the second trimester I thought I would update y'all everything I've kept secret for thirteen weeks.
Jamison and I had been trying for a baby for a while so when I found out I was pregnant it was euphoric. I actually found out on my 30th birthday. I want to take more tests before telling Jamison so I waited until the next day to tell him. It was the sweetest thing surprising him until he cursed. 😂 I was already taking prenatals since that is what everyone recommended while trying to conceive. We went to the first doctors appointment March 5th, just a day after Jamison's birthday. At the appointment we had the fastest sonogram ever given. We saw our peanut for just a flash and then heard the heartbeat for a quick second. We were so excited they confirmed our blessing but disappointed it went so quickly. I had already told my sister so I decided to announce to my mom, dad, and nieces in a fun way. I had made a little bandana for Blitz which read "Big Brother." My mom wasn't home when I came over to surprise her so when she did get there I went with my nieces to go scare her and put Blitz's bandana on real quick. The girls were trying to read his bandana while we were hiding and I just knew Kinley was going to give it away. We come out and my mom is too busy to notice Blitz is wearing anything. Kinley repeatedly asks her what does Blitz's bandana says and she finally reads it and yells, "I knew it." My mom and dad were very excited but the news to Kinley and Bailey was really starting to sink in.

Until I was 8 weeks pregnant the pregnancy symptoms I was experiencing was bigger, tender breasts. I ordered these bras off of amazon to hopefully use for breast feeding too since I had already out grown my normal bra. From 8 weeks to 11 weeks I would get nauseous if I went too long between meals. A few smells would trigger me but all in all I think I only got sick once. Preggie Pops were a game changer and I kept them all over the place for when I was starting to feel crummy. I've also been including these supplements which The Skinny Confidential recommended. I highly suggest you do your own research and clear everything through your OB. Other than being nauseous all the time my other pregnancy symptom was gas. Yea, we just got real. I was super freaking gassy and constipated. TMI, yea I get it but you want to know what to I experienced and well this is what happened! I was regular before and not until 13 weeks did I start to get relief from either.

We got to share the news with Jamison's family a two weeks later when we got together to celebrate four of our birthdays. Their reaction was the SWEETEST by far when we shared the news. Unfortunately, I did not get it on video for some reason but they were good sports and reenacted it for me.

After we went to the doctor and he confirmed that we are in fact pregnant we shared the news with Jamison's Mom, sister, grandmother, grandpa, and nephew for Jamison's birthday dinner. 
These past 13 weeks have been incredible, and I am thrilled to experience this journey. I have been feeling a little down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Not being able to be around friends and family and share this experience has been hard. I wanted to do a gender reveal and find out all together with our families what our little nugget is and well we just cant do that right now. It is okay to not feel yourself, it is okay to be upset about missing out on experiences but right now I am so very grateful to have a healthy baby, loving husband, and Facetime. 

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