April 27, 2020

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Thursday 06-07-2018
We started our morning by walking the formal garden of Middleton Place, taking in the alligators and giant live oaks. The oldest landscaped garden in the U.S, it was planted in 1741.This place is like a real life hedge maze from Alice and Wonderland!
 A map is a must need, but it is gorgeous. After a short walk back to the hotel, we headed into the city. When arriving downtown, Blitz and I headed to DryBar to get get my Blowout, while Jamison headed to find parking and refreshment. We then met up with J who was enjoying a beer and onion rings at the John King Bar. I dropped the beast off with J, while I took off to checkout the boutiques and galleries. Most were high end resale and antique stores with lavish price tags.

The boys were going to catch up to me further down King Street but were seduced by air conditioning, leather recliners, and cigars at Kings Leaf Cigar Lounge. J toked on a Vintage 1990 Rocky Patel, on the recommendation from helpful staff. 

We then teamed back to go to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, which drew us in by the line out the door. If its worth that wait we knew we were in for a treat. We left with matching scoops, F’rose and  Buttermilk Strawberry. The F’rose was delicious, just the right amount of tart. Remember my keen taste of fine strawberry ice cream? Jeni’s fell short. 

We browsed a few more place on Kings St., then headed for dinner at Leon’s Fine Poultry and Oysters.

I had the mahi sandwich and J had half a dozen chargrilled oysters (One of which I devoured) and a piece of spicy fried chicken. He loved it. 

We made our way back to the Inn which is just 15 minutes from Downtown Charleston, just in time to walk the garden again at sunset.
Friday 06-08-2018
We began our Friday at Magnolia Gardens, just few miles down Ashley River Rd from the Inn. Which unfortunately rained out our Audubon Swamp tour.  
We found a dry spot at  the West Ashley Crab House. Crazy good  bloody mary! Feast on raw oysters, and low country crab boil. 
Back to the Inn to dry off and get ready for an evening Downtown. Jamison napped a few hours while I tried to save my blowout. The humidity is no joke in SC. 
We parked in a lot just down from Kaminsky’s Dessert Cafe. Hot Toddy, caramel apple cake.  Hot Buttery Chocolate and Brownie Sundae.*****

We walked to the Battery to see the pineapple fountain, and watch a few ships sail in and out. Just off the Battery is Rainbow Row. Brightly painted houses with gas lit lamps, dreamy florals, and stoops to swoon over. 
Our 9pm (only time available) reservation crept up on us so we had to hustle. We made it in the door of Halls Chophouse with two minutes to spare.

I now know what my death row meal will be... she crab soup, 8oz wet aged petite filet with bearnaise sauce, pepperjack cream corn skillet, Parmesan truffle fries, sweet and sour collard greens. It could be safe to say the same for Jamison just sub my petite filet for a 14oz  Dry aged ribeye with peppercorn brandy sauce. They doted on us all night. Several of the staff came to congratulate us on our marriage. We were gifted Champagne and they slipped a generous slice of caramel cake into our to go bag. 

Which was excellent the next day in the car on the way home. It was another perfect ending to our night. 

Saturday 06-09-2018
We packed our bags up first thing... headed back to the city. We didn’t anticipate all the things we would later want to see and do until we arrived in Charleston. We had a beautiful brunch on the porch of Poogan’s Porch. 
I had the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict with a spicy bloody mary.  Delicious. Jamison had eggs, bacon, potatoes fried in duck fat, and all the southern biscuits you could eat! This is where J told a very sweet lady that Blitz is a “St. Bernard puppy.” Poogan’s Porch  is named after a Queen St mutt that frequented the porch regularly. They have a headstone for Poogan just inside the gate. On of the Staff mentioned they installed a doggie water fountain in the brick patio. How freaking cute. We were happy to come across this gem that appears to be someones home from the street. I didnt make it inside but J said it was FULL. We walked the our way back to the Pavilions on Market Street which house the City Market.  Local, small version of Canton Trades Days. We found my favorite Boylan soda root beer, a couple of t shirts, and J picked a pineapple watercolor print to bring home. 
We hailed a pedicab to take us uptown to Sugar Bakeshop. At this point we had walked nearly 50 miles. Not sure why we didnt do this more. It was a luxury! My score at Sugar Bake Shop- Almond, Strawberry, Vanilla & Chocolate Cupcakes. 
We walked back downtown only to come across Jeni’s one more time. After learning our lesson we stuck with the F’rose. After all is was National F’rose Day! We basically had to.

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