September 12, 2017


Poor poor Jamison, nothing went right for this proposal. He had planned to surprise me in Gulf Shores Alabama by dropping of Blitz with a note for me to get ready and come meet my king at a secret spot on the beach but what had happened was....
Jamison drove the entire eight hour trip through storms so it delayed him getting to Gulf Shores in time. I was still shocked to see him and so excited he brought Blitz. Instead of a proposal he checked in to the BEST dog friendly hotel ever, Hotel Indigo in Orange beach. 5 minutes from where my family was staying. The whole family loaded up and headed to Lamberts for dinner.
The next morning Jamison and I decided to take Blitz for a walk on a trail next to the hotel. Two ways to go on the trail and Jamison wants to go along the bridged trail. We begin walking, and we are walking, still walking. Only to discover the end of the trail had not been completed and we would have to turn back around, after walking 1.2 miles. It was HOT and cuddle bug was exhausted. We took turns holding him on the way back and eventually came out to the beginning. I read the sign next to the trail, the one Jamison chose. 1.3 mi vs the .7 mi trail that was shaded and finished. We then got ready for a beach day with cuddle bug in tow. Jamison spent the majority of the day riding (later breaking) Bailey's boogie board. We cooled off in the pool where the boys had a contest over who could hold their breath the longest. Jamison has so many talents... but the swim race was the one to see. Kyle nearly had an Alfalfa moment, Donald quit after touching the first wall, and Jamison was swimming so hard that he ran into Kyle and when doing so caught a cramp. We left about 4pm to go back to his hotel. When we got to Indigo he told me to get ready and that someone would pick me up at 7:30 and he left. I instantly started getting that flutter feeling in my stomach. I got all dolled up and at 7:20 I was down stairs waiting for my ride when low and behold Allison Patton was already waiting for me. She tells me she has no idea where she is taking me just that Jamison dropped a pin for her to go to. We make it to the secret spot and there I see Jamison. His long sleeve pressed white shirt and his Khakis, looking off in to the distance. Sounds super corny but it really was a dream. Jamison proposed with my grandmother's wedding band and then two weeks later he slid this gem on my hand.


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