July 22, 2016


  I thought the concealer was great. Only complaint is that it's so drying on already dry skin that it clung to dry patches under my eyes. Otherwise I love the consistency, the coverage is completely full coverage, smell is very pleasing, this really wears all day long and looks great at the end of the day. Blended out very well with a brush and with a beauty blender. Very slight creasing through out the day.

 I didn't like this brush for concealing under eyes, I thought it was very difficult to work with and took a very long time. BUT I did like this brush for contouring! It's perfect for precision carving out cheek bones and slimming your nose. 

This is a very nice setting powder. Not exactly translucent as it does have color to it but it isn't heavy. The powder itself is very light and perfect for baking under eyes to lock in that concealer just as it says. I also use it to set the rest of my face and it really keeps me looking matte all day.

This brush is not a setting powder brush. It was great for setting my entire face except under my eyes which needed it the lost. The brush itself is really nice and the packaging is perfect. I use it for blush and think that should be its intended purpose.


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