December 21, 2015



Anastasia is going to take you EVERYWHERE. she is not afraid to snap the entire Kris Jenner bash or take you to Florence with her for work. And you will absolutely love her accent.


Laura is hilarious and so down to earth about her reviews. She is currently living in Dubai so its incredible to experience that with her.


Jacey Duprie is the Damsel herself! She shows you BTS of her look shoots, her bulldogs and her new place as shes decorating. She has a closet with a courtyard. A FREAKING COURTYARD!!!


Youtube beauty guru, her tutorials are fab, her energy and positive vibes keep you wanting more of her snaps.


if you are looking for the key or for the pathway to more success...He can take you there, with LIOOOONNNNN.


Celeb hairstylist, shes making her own moves in the hair care industry with her own line of products, she gives you the blow by blow of how to achieve Khloe K's chic waves or how she cuts her own hair! Uber scary! She just recently gave us a glimpse in her personal life as she went to have her eggs frozen for possible babies in the future. How incredibly strong.

do I really need to explain? most of the snaps are pointless but we are still watching.

 Katy is MY girl! my absolute fave to watch. She is so high spirited with a heart of gold. Her dog Zoe steals the show but you will love Zoe too. You need to watch her stories. She's so funny. I wish she was my BFF. not even lying.


This girl is Fierce. she gives mini tutorials on her story, her trainer snaps her workouts, on top of that she hands out selfie photo and posing lessons. The girl is trying to step up your selfie game and hype you up at the same time.

Pure gold. Very uplifting, and bubbly. Steph travels all the time with her fiance. They really are the cutest people on the planet.

And well you should be following BRITT_GARY
All featured names are exactly as you should enter them into snapchat...since I am unable to link directly to their snapchats for you. ehh.

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