September 19, 2015

Currently Coveting

Carlie Bybel Palette looks so good. Those warm golds and champagnes are going to be perfection for the up coming holidays!! gimme gimme! Nicole Guerriero has created the best damn beauty lip mask
 and I needs it. I am a sucker for the Bite Beauty lip mask but its clear- I love the rose tone. Im all about trying to conceal my pores and after sampling this bad boy pores no more dr brandt I must own him. Can you say "highlight on super fleek?" Anastasia BH Highlight in So Hollywood
 is a beautiful gold illuminator. Thanks to MakeupByShayla for the incredible snapchat of it. GORG! Everyone raves about the cinema secrets cleaner. Apparently you simply swirl your brush in the liquid and it instantly deep cleans your brush without harming it. Umm gimme this magic. My girl Shayla also turned me on to la girl pro concealer
I love contouring my nose and after watching Shayla SLAY her contour with these I knew I must own them. And they are like dirt cheap. YAS! Looking to get into the endless Kylie Jenner lip trend? I'm on my way to scoop up this jordana rock and rose lip liner
 from Walgreens. Hopping on the Kardashian Jenner train. I'm seriously addicted, I might even keep the subscriptions to Kylie and Khloe's apps. Just take my money.  I'm nearly out of my UD setting spray and think I should go back to an old fav mac fix +
setting spray is crucial to me. Its the only way I can get my makeup to blend seamlessly and appear airbrushed. I basically just want this Clothes Steamer.
No real reason, just all the wants. My SUPER want is the  GlamBox Makeup storage
I'm planning on setting up a beauty vanity / desk in our guest room which is rather small so I want to utilize as much space and storage as possible. 

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