April 22, 2015

Lavanila Live Green Initiative

It is our turn to lead. Today is Earth day. I along with Lavanila would like to encourage you to live a more eco friendly lifestyle. I am not a huge activist nor am I trying to portray myself to be. While researching eco tips I realized that living green doesn’t have to completely change my life, could put money back in my pocket, while also taking care of our planet. EVERYONE wins! Below I have listed some very simple, easy to use tips on how to make a difference on our world. Be sure to make it to the end for an exciting announcement from Lavanila that you do not want to miss out on.
If we recycle 1/10th of every newspaper, we could save 25 million trees a year. That’s a lot of shade.

Recycle clothes. This isn’t a promo drop for my Poshmark account but you have to start somewhere.  It is not as yucky as it sounds. You borrow your BF’s clothes, your sister’s shoes, and your mom’s jewelry so why wouldn’t you think of purchasing second hand clothes? You can even find clothing, makeup, and accessories that have never been used with tags still attached for a cut of the original cost.

Use your own bags when shopping. Target has cute options for just a buck in their dollar section. Oh how I love that dollar section. Reuse these cuties not just for your groceries but for mall trips, make up store runs, and whatever you want!
Glass water bottles. Voss is boss. I love these glass bottle, especially the 500ml. It’s the same size as a large sonic drink. I like to boost mine with flavor by adding strawberries and mint.

Line dry your clothes. Other than conserving water, electricity, and money. Line drying your clothes offers many benefits including; Whitening your whites, Clothes last longer, Smells divine, Reduces wrinkles, and low impact exercise.

Micro fiber cloths for cleaning. Use them on your swifter instead of the throw away one time only use pads.

Stock your fridge for easier cooling. When your fill your fridge it takes less energy to keep the temp low, which means a lower electricity bill and longer run time for a pricey appliance.
Smart power strip. Two basic components: electrical outlets and circuitry that monitors and controls those outlets. For example, when a printer plugged into a basic smart strip goes into standby mode, its power consumption drops. The circuitry detects the change and cuts the power to that outlet. The rest of the outlets in use stay on. Many smart power strips also have one or two unmonitored, always-on outlets. These are the ones you'd use to plug in the devices that always need power, like your cordless phone base or alarm system. Monitoring several outlets and cutting the power to each one separately can lower your total electricity use. Some power strips let you group such items together such as a home theater, turning all of them on or off at the same time.

Shorter showers. This seems like an impossible task for me. Maybe shorten one a week? I’ll try, Really.

Cut out junk mail. Click here for 4 quick ways to cut the paper.
Air purifying plants around the house. Check out my super cute DIY succulent tutorial for ideas and inspiration to get started.  Opt for Aloe, very beneficial. For a pop of sunshiney color, pot a gerber daisy.

Wash with cold water. No required energy to heat the water and the cold water preserves your clothing better than hot.

Add rugs to flooring. Insulating your house is an easy energy fix. And well ain’t nobody got time to be sweeping all dayyyy.

Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to listen to a full album on your iPod. Set up a bin at work in a shared space where you can recycle aluminum. Cash in and buy something everyone at the office can enjoy.  That’s how I got a mini fridge in my office…

21.5 million tons of food waste each year compost that food to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as taking 2 million cars off the road. These stats are blowing my mind. Even if you aren’t into using compost you can donate or sell it to local greenhouses. Fertilizer is exxxxpensive.

75% of waste is recyclable yet we only utilize 30%. Don’t forget the little things, toilet paper rolls, and unnecessary receipts, basically anything that rips can go in your paper bin.
Slow down! For every 5mph that you are driving over the speed limit costs you $.30 per gallon of gas. You can save over 1k easily! I like to zoom around but I like money in the bank more. No Brainer!

Turn off your computer monitor. Pocket around $140. Your screen saver is boring and outdated anyways… that’s a Louis Vuitton Wristlet!

Switch from incandescent to CFL bulbs. Saving you $200 a year. A 100 watt bulb produces the same amount of two 60 watt bulbs but uses 20% less energy. Be smart about where your energy is being drawn from.
 Win $500 in Lavanila products! I am partnering with Lavanila Labs during Earth Month to encourage you and your family to live eco-friendly. During the week we’re asking fans to submit eco living tips via Facebook and Twitter using #LavanilaLiveGreen for a chance to win a $500 Lavanila gift card!

Thank you Lavanila for including me in your Eco Campaign.  

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