January 21, 2015

What Men Really Want For Valentine's Day

Shopping for my boyfriend? ehhh....I'd rather do algebra.
Fact: I am dating the most selfless and most thoughtful human being ever. EVER!
He'll say, "Oh I noticed your tires look worn, I called xyz and they're expecting you tomorrow for a full set. I already took care of it." One year he bought me a moon charm for my charm bracelet and told me that he would give me the moon if I asked.

Who does that?! 

He was raised extremely well and I love it most of the time. But for Valentines, Birthday and Christmas I always feel like I fall short in gift giving, or I'm totally him nagging him for a month just to figure out what he wants. He never asks for anything and never wants anything. Shopping for him is torture for me. I'm the girl in the men's department for hours because I cannot decide what to buy. I would absolutely love to treat him and show him how much I truly value how wonderful of a man he is to me.

This year I asked a few guys I work with along with my babe what they truly would want as gifts anytime of the year and this is the wide variety gift goldmine I now present to you.
For the gym rat

Gave this to my Beau just cause and he LOVES it. He actually just asked me to order him more razors.

This is an investment piece and is meant for those of you who are a bit more involved. Once you hit 25 your man will need a Sportcoat or blazer.

For the preppy guy.

Gave this to my babe for Christmas and he raves about the shave oil.

For any guy! And he probably wouldn't mind seeing it on your wrist either.

necessities people.

yum yum yummmm! My babe is allergic to cologne so I opted for the after shave.

Be a babe and get it monogrammed!  This is actually what I'm giving...

Gave this as a Christmas gift to a guy at work and he talks about it all the time and begs me to get more.

For the Gentlemen who enjoy Southern treats.

Turtle Beach, Inc.

For the Gamer Guy. These gaming headphones have dolby digital surround sound for a hella low price.

Lagavulin 16 year old


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