January 14, 2015

Dream Job

Blogger! Seriously I think I would love running from meeting to meeting, consulting with brands, attending events, blog conferences. Getting the first look at products and future trends is exciting. It thrills me to get emails from PR company's about new products or better yet, to receive such products in the mail! My dream is to be able to do it on a grand scale. To be able to give y'all more variety, not as what only works for me but what can potentially work for you. It's my dream to make this blog a full time job. I truly enjoy working on BG. I find it to be a labor of love. I'm constantly editing pictures, trying to make my blog more appealing visually, searching for the next big thing to share with y'all. I am constantly thinking about this baby. The blogging community is also so inviting and uplifting. I would've given up already if it wasn't for the support from my blogger babes and y'all.

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