October 3, 2014

What the heck is going on?!

Goodness life has been a whirlwind lately. Wanted to catch y'all up on what has been going on in my world and explain my absence. My darling of a niece turned 2 on the 26th! 

 I was the first one inside the doors at the Riffraff Dallas grand opening last Friday. OMG! I did some major damage on my checking account. I simply couldn't stop picking things up. I had to force myself to get in the check out line so I could make it to Bailey's birthday party. It was so nice to meet the Riffraff girls, some other fashion blogger babes, and Kirsten, the owner. I fell in love with the dressing room. From the wallpaper to the giant mirror propped against the wall. 100% FAB!

 My little fur baby even had some goodies from my Dallas trip. The Riffraff girls threw in a Chewy Vuiton Ball and a Lucky Dog Cookie. While I was at Sprinkles Cupcakes (for my first time, can you even believe it?) I saw these tiny puppy cuppycakes and simply could not resist treating my Blitzers. I hit I20 and headed straight for ChuckECheese. I know, 2 year old birthday party on a Friday night? I live on the wild side.
 Be on the look out for an INSTAGRAM closet sale at @ShopBritt! I will seriously be downgrading on clothes and jewelry. And speaking of Instagram, I have to thank y'all for reaching 3K+ followers! Y'all are so awesome. I am truly humbled by all your love and support.

I had the pleasure of doing a dear friend's wedding makeup and helping with finishing touches. Ever since I've been packing and organizing because I am MOVING! Im so sorry I have been absent from posting this week but you should be looking forward to the awesome week of post I have lined up for you. HELLO GIVEAWAY! I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging on Monday! 

All from Riffraff! I told you I could not help myself. BUY ALL THE THINGS!
Have a wonderful weekend Loves!

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