September 6, 2014

Life Lately

I had a post scheduled for today, but just thought some girl talk and social media catch up might be more fitting for this casual Saturday. I want to hear from y'all! What are your favorite posts? What posts do you want to see more of? What posts totally don't interest you whatsoever?

Braids: Somebody, any body, please teach me how to Dougie, I mean french braid. I can pull off a fishtail and a plain old 3 strand braid but the french have me surrendering. If you know of a super easy tutorial or wanna come teach me, I can share my GlamGlow mask with you..
With fall approaching you better hurry over to my Pinterest Fall Fashions Board to get in on this seasons coveted items and trends.Typically most of us are thinking, huge chunky long sleeve top, over a pair of black leggings and riding boots, oh and don't forget the scarf. I am completely guilty of this but You've. Got. To. Resist. Let's pinky promise on it. Pick more structured pieces and even short skirts. You can always sport a wool coat or thick tights to keep warm! Go full on model status and just drape the coat over your shoulders. Something about this look is so feminine and sexy.
 I do have an accessories post coming up from Hayley Handbag with a sweet giveaway for y'all. You'll die for this fall statement bag. Take a peek. In the post I'll be sharing my arm party secrets, layering necklaces, and how to style mixed metals. And while were chatting about chic boutiques, what are your fav places to shop? I am totally needing to transition my wardrobe for fall. Who am I kidding, this is Texas, hot till November and then suddenly it'll feel like the arctic.
Oh and I just wanted to share my excitement for Charlie Southern sharing my Insta pic wearing their Darlin' Tank. Thank you all so very much for your support. You make my heart overflow with joy.
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