May 12, 2014

YSL vs Maybelline Mascara Smackdown

Dah dah dah dahhhhhh. Round 1 of The Beauty Showdown is about to begin. On the right eye we have the highly coveted YSL babydoll mascara and on the left eye we have the cult drugstore favorite Maybelline Rocket Volum Mascara. Lets get it on!
The Maybelline wand is a chunker compared the skinny applicator of the YSL. Both wands have the small rubber bristles making it easy to get close to the lash line. The formula is very similar only that the YSL formula seems to be a little bit thinner, no biggie. Wear wise they're identical twins separated at birth. Both are very dark pigmented, voluminous and lengthening, which I love. You can pick up the Maybelline mascara at any drugstore but the YSL is only available at major department stores and online. When it comes to lashes I feel they should be dramatic and drama is what these babies deliver. I wont lie, it feels luxurious putting the YSL mascara on. The packaging is gorgeous then the fact of knowing all day that your eyelashes are designer is slightly uplifting. When it comes to price, performance, and availability comparison all in all I consider the Maybelline to be a complete DUPE for the YSL mascara.

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