May 21, 2014

Blogging Beauties

Blogging sometimes is every easy and natural but other times the inspiration just is not flowing. When I am in need of creative ideas or to pull together a killer outfit ensemble, these are my go to girls of the Blog world.
(photos do not belong to me)
Katey and Kristin are two of my favorite bloggers right now. Katey just featured her apartment and you seriously should take a look. 

um hello its Courtney Kerr. Who are we kidding. Shes fab, shes fun, why would you not be interested in what shes wearing?

Ginger is new to the blogging community but she jumped in with both feet. This girl knows her stuff and is so adorable!

Emily's blog contains a wide rang of fashion to cooking. It has everything. Lately its been my go to for inspiration.

If you like simple and straight forward than Kate is your girl. Quick tutorials and tips that are fool proof. oh yea and shes from Vanderpump Rules.

Real life Elle of Legally Blonde. Fashionista of Law. Trendy and Sophisticated.

Kristin is a Graphic designer and Marketing specialist heating up Miami with her flirty and practical looks.
Fan girl moment! Love Dallas from her style to her prints. She is talented artist and my fashion soul sister.
Lauren Ashley is the cutest little thing with a fine eye for detail. She just started blogging in January and has done wonderfully for herself.

Bethany is definitely more high fashion than my typical taste but she is brilliant at pairing daring pieces to make them wearable. great inspiration.

These Ladies have opened the door to the blogging community and some have just began their start. Please be sure to check out their blogs. I promise you will not be disappointed. Cupcakes and cashmere has a smore treat that I'm dying to try out for myself!
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