May 30, 2014

Beauty and the Beach

Its practically Summer here in East Texas and I wanted to share some of my beach/lake/waterpark essentials with y'all for some inspiration. I love the water, being out on the lake, lazy rivers. I am a summer time girl and I cant get enough sunshine.
Found the cute chiller mug at Hobby Lobby in the spring seasonal selection, half off of course. The Lilly Pulitzer bag is actually from an Estee Lauder free gift with purchase promo and who am I kidding, it was just a really good excuse to buy the double wear foundation. (loving) Trying out this Maui Babe Browning Lotion for the second time and I've decided I like it although it is GREASY and contains mineral oil NOT GOOD FOR YOUR FACE. It does exactly as it claims by bronzing you while wearing sunscreen too. Polo Hat because hello its Summer and in East Texas its all about the Polo Cap.
Yellow box hit it out of the park with these flashy flops! As you can tell Im getting good use out of my Kissed sandals in Gold, they match practically everything. Cant forget to add how plush this oversized towel feels from target.
Bandeau from Target. They have a whole range of colors I have another one in Black that I LOVVVVE.  Bottoms from Victoria's Secret.They're bright fun and come with minimal tan lines!
Cannot forget your lips when it comes to SPF! The Fresh Rose Lip Treatment will give you a perfectly moisturized and protected pout! Mermaid hair anyone? I always have leave in conditioner and a comb or tangle teezer in my water bag. Great way to keep your hair protected from the elements and nourished.
How stinking cute are these sunnies? Scooped them up at Gaudy me for a whole 6 bucks! Umm I think I will be going back to stock up.The pink tone is so vibrant and the lenses are dark, great for keeping your eyes hidden while checking out boys. ;) Lifesaver Alert!! Nooo not an actual Lifeguard but this portable Mophie battery charger comes quite handy when I'm no where near an outlet to catch a quick charge on my phone. My bag varies depending on where I'm going/activities involved but these are the main staples.

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