April 10, 2014

Current Hair Styling Products

Lately I have been trying to take better care of my hair and be mindful of the products I apply. Here is what I have currently been using to tame my mane!
  • Nexxus Pro Mend Heat Protection- I generously spray this all over just before blow drying. Its nothing spectacular, but it did do what it promises. I think the Tresemme version is just as good and is more affordable at 6 dollars than this one for 13.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo- My favorite Dry Shampoo. Love it because the powder is very fine and is a dark brown! Most dry shampoos are white and there is no hiding white powder in dark hair. It just does not happen. Batiste offers a whole color range of dry shampoos.  I like using this at night so it really absorbs the oil and is easier to fix in the morning. It doesn't take much to freshen up third day hair. Pick one or two up at Ulta. They are usually buy 1 get 1 half off. Setting you back 8 bucks.
  • Its a 10 plus Keratin Leave In Conditioner- I use two sprays on my ends when I am using heat on my hair but if I am scrunching my hair, I go on overload. Great leave in conditioner. Can't tell much of a difference between this one and the original other than the smell, which are both pleasant. I do believe that it does deliver on all the promises listed and is worth the 13 dollars. I am nearly finished with my first bottle and I've already repurchased another back in the original. You can find one on just about any drugstore shelf.
  • Morocco Hairspray- Love the smell, hold, shine, EVERYTHING about this hairspray! Found this at Ulta and Walgreens both for 8 dollars. The hold is great, doesn't weigh down my hair, and is touchable. Not only is the hold fantastic but the shine makes your hair look healthy, not greasy! I am big on hairspray and this is my favorite considering I've probably already used 5 cans this year alone. Opps!
  • R&B Hair Moisturizer- I am OBSESSED with Lush! This moisturizer is a splurge at $23 for 3.5 ounces but it is fantastic. Pinky Promise. My hair is curly, which in reality means its dry, coarse, and thick. When I'm scrunching my hair the only products I apply are the leave in condition listed above and this. Its all my hair needs for flexible hold. When I am wearing this, I feel like I am really taking care of my hair because I know all the ingredients are natural and designated for my hair type. This will definitely be repurchased...Oh Lush I miss you.
  • Pantene Pro V BB Cream- I have really liked this cream product lately. I use it for when I'm curling my hair with my Nume wand and I am wanting the ends to be really smooth and polished. I apply just half a pump to the lower 2/3 of my hair while its wet, just before blow drying. Promises to Repair Rough Hair, Strength Against Damage, Silky Softness, Brilliant Shine, Smoothing, Moisture, Frizz Control, Heat Protection, Manageability,Tamed Flyaways.
  • Blow Pro Textstyle Dry Texture Spray- Bombshell hair! Few sprays of this miracle texture gives you mega volume. You can read back on this in a past post for more info.
Ill be getting several Summer essential posts up soon for hair, skin, makeup, and things I'm coveting! Share, Like, comment, tweet whatever! Just show me some love!

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