March 26, 2014

My Unhealthy Lippy Obsession...

So is it "normal" to carry around 7 lippies in ones purse? Probably not but it sure doesn't hurt to have options and makes for comically quick and informative blog post.  :)
  • Everyone needs a standard chapstick. Finished off my second Original Fresh Lip Treatment (my ultimate, Holy Grail favorite) left me with a Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning lip balm with Kokum Butter. Nothing fantastic but it does the job when my Crusty Crust lips need help. Scoop it up anywhere for a buck or two.
  • Second up to bat is MAC Cremesheen Pink Pearl Pop. Great for those days when you're head to toe dressed in neutrals and just need to add some color. Seems super bright and VERY pink but I do get several compliments on it and was surprised when MAC consultant told me its a cult favorite. Even had a guy tell me it was his favorite for me to wear. Swoon. And these little lippies smell like VANILLA. Muh Favey! Hard to keep in stock. (This lipstick is a Back to Mac Freebie. Return 6 containers for a free lipstick, gloss, or eyeshadow.) I depot my MAC makeup so Gimme Gimme Gimme all the freebies! I do believe they run about $16ish.
  • Spring-Summer favorite has to be the sheer Coral Pink of my YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #15. Smells decadent, pigment is beautiful, and the formula is so creamy. Took convincing to dish out the dough for it but I do love it and use for when I want that effortlessly fabulous look. Local Sephora doesn't carry them so I took a chance purchasing it online.YSL seems to make that a breeze. Im coveting a few brighter shades to play with this summer. Or maybe I'll try LimeCrime. Ugh what is a makeup guru to do...
  • Glossy Glossy- Mac Cremesheen Glass in Dynasty at Dusk. Takes your lips from blah to glam in a single swipe. Your lips but better, with the slightest golden sheen. I'm not a huge gloss fan and I find Mac to be a bit sticky but saw this, had to own it, and its been a purse staple since. $18.
  • Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment. My quick pop of color when I need to add some brightness to my face. Love the Rose tint and scent but still comes in second to the original. Does have an SPF of 15. Thinking it may be a perfect lake-beach necessity for the summer.
  • Da Da Da Dahhh!!! My typical everyday nude lip MAC Cremesheen Crème Cup. Its gorgeous. The picture makes it look dull and gray BLAH. But I PROMISE, It is a perfect light baby pink, great for pairing with a dark smokey bronze eye. Which as we all know will be the rage for Spring, as it is every Spring. Back to MAC freebie so ANOTHER free lippy. Don't hate.
  • Last but not least this little bitty tiny itty baby Buxom Full On Lip Cream Gloss in Mudslide. He was slipped in on accident. Usually lives in my MK Clutch but I've actually been trading out purses lately so He must not have wanted to leave me, which is nice because he is wearing well on me today.
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"Everybody wants to be a diamond, but very few are willing to get cut."

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