February 6, 2014

What?! My First EVER Blog Post

Hello Gorgeous! As my first blog post I wanted to share one of my personal favorite blog topics with you...Monthly Favorites! So lets just get to the goods already
  • First absolute top favorite would be my Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Chamomille $38. AHH! This stuff is heavenly. The formula is so creamy and pigmented its hard to believe it isn’t a foundation. You only need the tiniest amount for a flawless complexion. I apply it with a beauty blender for extra hydration but on the fly I use my fingers to tap it in to my skin and it still blends like a dream. Only down side is the color range. I believe they only have 6 shades and you either buy online or at Nordstrom's.
  • Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil 1.7oz $48. Applying oil to your face seems crazy. I get it, but this beauty oil delivers supreme hydration without a greasy residue. It was my lifesaver during Accutane and I highly recommend it to everyone whether your skin is dry, oily, or combination. I apply 4 drops morning and night after washing my face and I wear makeup over it. Whatever is leftover on my hands I just apply to the ends of my hair and elbows. You can find this treasure at Sephora on the skincare wall.
  • On a random Ulta stop in Houston I actually came across a rare find. Stila Kitten Eye Shadow $18. Seems like my local Ulta and Sephora never have it in stock. Its absolutely gorgeous and you need it in your life! It’s a warm champagne version of The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer. The pink tone makes the highlight more natural. Only had it a few weeks but I am loving it as my eye shadow and highlighter. They had two in stock so of course I had to have a backup.
  • Standing in line at Sephora surrounded by all the tempting mini products when I see a beam of light shinning down on the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. It was love at first sight/application…until I saw the price. Good Golly $23 bucks for chapstick seems ridiculous but my crusty crust lips needed some therapy. Now Im digging out the last few uses of the delicious lemon sugar scented treatment. I already purchased the Rose tint version to give a try. It is spectacular if you can bring yourself to spend the money. My lips are happy, happy, happy.
  • Off of makeup and on to perfume. Ive been switching from my Prada Candy $70 to my Lavanila $40 perfume. The tones of both perfumes are very similar, the Prada Candy doesn’t wear as long as the Lavanila but it has such a sophisticated aroma that I have been layering the two together to last all day. Received many compliments and comments saying I smell good enough to eat...but really, smells like a fancy vanilla cupcake. Recommend getting these at Sephora when they are doing triple rewards points.
  • Nails nails nailsssss. Stop right now, go to Ulta and buy yourself a bottle of OPI Nail Envy Original formula $20. I'll wait for you to come back... Nail Strengthener like no other. Im a nail biter and this stuff has completely changed that. Now my nails are the strongest they have ever been and are getting to a length that I actually have to cut them down. For me, I thought I would never ever see such a day.
  • Sephora mini section got me again with a mini BlowPro Dry Texture Spray $8. This little guy is currently living in my purse for touch ups. If you are looking for bombshell, sex kitten hair this stuff is your BFF. Gave my coarse hair so much volume, separated my curls, added hold to my style, and is considered a next day style “refresher.”  Love. Love. Love. Went to Ulta and scooped up a big bottle.
And that completes my first ever blog post! AHHH! Really excited to share my beauty bits and opinions with you. Wish I could've posted more pictures but the gloomy weather wasn't any help for good lighting. Please subscribe, share, and leave comments on your current favorite products. What you would recommend for me to try or topics you would like for me to post?

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