February 14, 2014


On a recent Shopping trip to Houston I found myself inside Lush. I was on the hunt for the infamous Mask of Magnaminty that my sister lucky scooped up on a different day. I was not so fortunate but I did come out with these great goodies.
  • Lush Valentines Special Love Locket Bath Bomb- This this is HUGE! you can break it up into 3 baths or go all out on one luxy bath. Inside the locket is a tiny heart bath bomb of its own. Smells of jasmine and vanilla. Cant wait to try it. Ive already broken mine apart to share with my sister. Aren't I the sweetest?
  • Started with a Kiss Lip Tint-  This tint smells like fancy chocolate covered apples and leaves a deep red lip stain to match. Long wearing and moisturizing. Great for on the go girls who want a noticeable pout.
  • R&B Hair Moisturizer-With ingredients of organic avocado butter, oatmeal, olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil and candelilla wax this hair treatment packs in supreme moisture. This is great for us curly haired girls. I apply a quarter size amount all over my wet hair, focusing more on the ends. Gives structure and slight hold to my natural curls. Very pleased with the product and the scent is tolerable. I don't notice it after I apply perfume.
  • Butterball Bath Bomb- I cant wait to try out this little fizzer. I'm all about moisturizing and this bath bomb promises to deliver ultimate hydration to dry skin. I'll get back to you on this one.
  • Oatifix Fresh Face Mask- This stuff smells like an oatmeal cream pie on your face. You'll be tempted for a taste. I held off but Blitz, my dog, took a lick. He didn't come back for seconds so I wouldn't recommend it. Left this chunky mask on for a good 20 minutes and rinsed it off in the shower. I was pleased with the results. My skin felt smooth and deeply nourished. Exactly as promised. Down side of this mask is its a FRESH mask so you can only purchase it in store, and the expiration date is within a month.  
Not sure about you but I plan on spending my Valentine's Day as a Spa day. I'll be pouring myself into a love locket-butterball bath while finishing off the last remaining glob of my Oatifix mask. Go pamper yourself. Whether you have a huge date night planned or just plan on sucking down a whole bottle of moscato by yourself, you deserve some luxury. Oh yea and its muh birthday so be sure to SUBSCRIBE. A great gift for you and me! Perfect!

PS. Can you spot the three pieces of dog food in the picture above? I needed product props. :)

Happy Valentine's Day, Babes!

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