Just about everyone calls me Britt, or Peanut. Its hard being a shorty. My roots run deep in East Texas, where it honestly isn't uncommon for me to be sipping sweet tea on my Momma's front porch. I'm an outgoing-introvert, a procrastinating-perfectionist, and extremely competitive about everything. My obsession over beauty products mostly likely stems down from my Grandmothers. After all one did take me for my first makeover and the other had her own beauty salon.

Fun Facts:
  • I was a Baby Model. Can't you tell?
  • I'm like really, really good at smuggling Chick Fil A sandwiches into movie theaters.
  • I separate my online Sephora orders so I get more samples, while still qualifying for free shipping of course.
  • Taught my 3 year old niece how to swatch makeup. God Bless my sister's heart.
  •  If I were a Disney Princess I'd Be Belle. Who wouldn't covet that library?

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