December 24, 2016

Cliche New Year Post

Hey guys. I know I have been a horrible blogger this year. Seriously, the worst. Please have faith in me this next year. I have felt such inspiration this month to branch out and finally get out of my comfort zone. I'm a planner. As in if you looked at my side of the blog, I have over 50 thoughts and concepts to blog on. This new year I'm really going to hold myself accountable. Not just for blogging but I also want to follow through on my personal plans, my dreams, my commitments to friends and family. I'm going to stop putting things off and start crossing things off my list. I'm frustrated with my life right now and the only person I can blame is myself. I let things get this way. I let my body go. I let my friends slip away from me. I let my blog go to waste. I realize that now and I'm sorry to everyone. Truly. Dreams don't work unless you do so its time I stop planning and start getting to work. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed and we can't get back yesterday so Today I'm going to start taking risks. With this new year I'm committing to YouTube. I will also be posting here so don't worry, I'm not abandoning (neglecting) you! I want to cover all aspects of my life, my fitness journey, makeup, clothes, adventures. Oh that's another thing I want to do, I have to get my butt out of the house. I'm going places this year physically and spiritually. .